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Episode 6: CSS, or Mark vs The Button

In this episode, CSS Wizard Mark Youssef trades his cloak in for some swim trunks and takes a dip in the Duck Pond to teach us a few things about styling in web development. He tells us what potions he had to drink and spells he had to cast to defeat his greatest of foes, the Voldemort to his Harry: The Button. He drops some hot tips about animating in CSS, giving his recommendations on how to take your fps from bumpy to buttery. In the end, we all agree that Magic: The Gathering is a really fun game that people shouldn't be ashamed to play. Expeliamos.

Episode 5 - Meatgate: Social Engineering!

In this episode, we recount a tale of social engineering that we recently unwittingly took part in. Leaning heavily on the "tangentially related" portion of the phrase "tangentially related to software development," we leave no stone unturned and go into painful detail in the retelling of an incident that walks the thin line between irrelevant and enlightening. Don't put your credit card number into a site that's not secure.

Episode 3 - Storybooks!

In this episode, storybook extraordinaire Otto Kivikärki jumps in to the duck pond. After a fierce debate about public transportation and what we can do to improve driver-to-user communication, Otto teaches us a few things about what storybooks are and how we can use them in our projects.

Episode 2 - React Hooks!

In this episode, the King of Hooks, William Strong, stops by the duck pond to give us the rundown on what hooks are, when to use them, and when not to. We also look back at Hook and discuss Dustin Hoffman's overall influence on the javascript ecosystem (it's big).

Episode 1 - Refactoring!

In this episode, the Duck Boys welcome all-star developer Mikko Salokangas into the Duck Pond to talk about their favorite topic: refactoring. Turn on your AC, because things get heated.